Racing Chassis Supply

Troyer Race cars have proven their worth on the track and the podium over the last few years. On tracks in Australia and the United States, the Troyer name has become associated with high performance. You can benefit from the track research and the performance when you talk to our team today.

JBR Motorsport provide you with the parts and options you need to upgrade your vehicle, or set it up from scratch. We share the passion you have for motorsport. Getting you quickly out the door is the one thing our team won’t do – we’re prepared to give you advice and support on any aspect of your race car. Contact us today and prepare to start your engines.   

Chassis & Body

Option 1 - Chassis & Body

A basic option provides you with the latest chassis and body design, getting you set for your fit-out.

Rolling Chassis

Option 2 - Rolling Chassis (Basic)

A basic rolling chassis includes the front and rear end without all the other components that your team may already have.

Rolling chassis

Option 3 - Rolling Chassis (Detailed)

Complete rolling chassis that does not require much to put you out on the track.

Complete car

Option 4 - Complete Car

The complete kit. This option will provide you with everything you could want in a modern car. Drop in your motor and you are ready to peel out of the pits.

Custom build

Option 5 - Custom Build

A custom-built solution providing your team the option to build the exact car you require for the exact racing you do.

Package upgrades

Option 6 - Package Upgrades

Upgrade options are available for the chassis packages.